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Originally posted by exollent at americano don't flow here (only canadian and caramel), for <lj user="maayacola">
Title: americano don’t flow here (only canadian and caramel)
For: maayacola
Pairing: ot12 friendship with taoris, baekyeol, sukai, hunhan
Rating: pg-13 for mild cursing
Length: 6k
Summary: A good texting hand is the key to being a supervisor in Minseok’s little college café, and while this means Yifan’s inept when it comes to dealing with customers, he’s pretty good at sorting out the staff. Or rather, the things going on between staff.

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09 January 2012 @ 12:00 am
This is the absolute first post of mine for the year of '12.
How exciting :)
I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be writing on here or if I need to write anything at all, but I honestly just made one for the sake of saving awesome posts by awesome people.
I'll eventually be more creative and posts some things, I'm now sure. We will eventually see.
If you'd desire to become friends, please just send a request, I don't bite. I promise!

Until then.